Propeller Cleaning & Polishing

Sea Service Diving and Marine specialises in propeller cleaning and polishing that is carried out adhering to the guidelines and requirements of the Environmental Protection Authority and the Unites States Navy.

In an effort to achieve minimum fuel burn and 100% propeller efficiency with the assistance of a clean hull Sea Service Diving and Marine utilises modern techniques to achieve the propeller designers requirements for the surface finish of the propeller.  The techniques employed have had proven results in reducing the fuel burn on both recreational and commercial vessels that range in size from small to the very large.  In the larger vessel range fuel burn reductions of 240 litres an hour on a 120' high speed catamaran and 1.5 tons per day on an ocean going tug have been recorded.

Propeller polishing will dramatically reduce your fuel burn whilst eliminating vibrations, maintaining engine rpm and cruise speed contributing to a smoother running more economical vessel.

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